Your Ad Here Are your parents going to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary months from now? It is now the best time to arrange the wedding anniversary party of your parents. Remember, not everyone will be lucky to celebrate 35 years within the bound of marriage: you are such a lucky person to have such parents.


35th Wedding Anniversary: How To Start

Planning a party is no sweat if you planned it way ahead. I suggest that you get your siblings get involved in the party planning you are arranging. You need to devote time and take a time off to plan and start the event for your parents.

Get your party planning started through knowing your budget. You have to set a limit of how much you are willing to share on this wonderful event of your parents. Identify which aspects of the party are the most important that you want to focus on. Let’s say, you want to serve luxurious dinner to your guests and not focus on the keepsakes.

Sit down with your siblings and other relatives who would like to take part on the big occasion. Plan what kind of program you want to have for your parents. It would be great if you could include games, activities, video presentations and dance presentations from the young members of the family.


35th Wedding Anniversary: The Theme

35th Wedding AnniversaryCreate a momentous party by having a theme and color motif. Let’s say your parents are adventurous who love to travel around the world. A perfect theme would be a world tour theme. Look for a location that can hold the estimated number of guests and where you can arrange for the set-up of the chosen theme.

Decorate the venue according to the theme and personalities of your parents. Display memorable photos of your parents having a great time during their trips in other countries. Decorate the tables of your parents and the guests with lovely centerpieces. Excellent centerpieces for the theme are flags of the countries where they have already visited.


Wedding Anniversary Invitations

One of the best ways to save on party costs is to do-it-yourself invites. Have a ticket design invitation for the party of your parents. You can easily make this on your own with the use of the computer, printer, editing software and sheets of paper.

Print the party details such as the date, time, place, location and the address. Encourage your guests to wear something related to the theme. You can also put in the invitation that you will be giving away prizes those who can bring mementos about your parents. It could be their photos during the wedding day of your parents or when they had a trip together with your parents.

Wedding Anniversary Party Favors

35th Wedding AnniversaryRemember the joyous occasion through having party favors.  Excellent choices are small mesh bag with travel essentials such as toiletries or passport holders. Do not forget to put tag on each of the party favors. Indicate the names of the couple, date, time, and venue.

Being in love and together for 35 years is one of the greatest milestones of any couple. Celebrate the 35th wedding anniversary of your parents through having a party. Your Ad Here

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